Career Pains or gains.

You may have been laid off due of the pandemic or had to take an early retirement against your wishes. You may be just out of school and about to start applying for jobs or simply feel you need a change in career. You may need a career reset for the new normal. Possibly you are in a rut/ a dead end job where you know you can do better. Perhaps you feel dissatisfied and know your talents would be better employed somewhere else. Staying at home has given you time to soul search about the quality of your life and you have realized that it’s time to begin to pursue your dreams as life is too short and too uncertain. The emotions you feel range from restlessness, hopelessness and dread on the one hand but excitement and joy when you dream of the possibilities. Read on.

Several years ago I spoke with a friend who owns the school where she teaches and she told me she was one of the few people who got paid for doing what they love. Even though she owned the school she wasn’t going to give up on her teaching which was her passion. Up till now she is living out her God- given design. Her energy, joy and passion know no bounds. She falls within the 50% of us who have job satisfaction, the rest of us are angry, resentful, discouraged and even depressed on the job (that is if we still have jobs due to the Covid- 19 inspired global economic meltdown). The key emotions here are joy, peace and satisfaction as against fear, worry and anger. The former breed energy and passion while the latter create despondency, low energy depression and the loss of our souls. It’s unfortunate if we fall into the latter group as we spend about a third of our working lives on the job, going by the 9 to 5.

God didn’t design us to be miserable on the job. Jesus Christ came to give us the abundant life, filled with passion and joy. God wired into us all things that pertain to life and godliness; for me our jobs being part of life itself. We are told to work so that we have to give. I don’t believe God ever envisaged this work to be a grind. That’s why He fit us with the necessary specifications for job satisfaction. He designed us with the mix of personality, skills, values and interests that we need. (Psalm 139: 14-16). It’s a question of unpacking these with God’s guidance and asking Him for direction into the career He mapped out for us. His thoughts towards us are good and not evil to give us a future and a hope.

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