When my father and my mother forsake methen the Lord will take care of me. Psalm 27:10


No one can have 100 per cent approval ratings. Jesus Christ the Perfect Man didn’t have 100 per cent approval. He was abused regularly by the Pharisees and rejected by the people He came to die for. The Cross was the ultimate rejection but without it our sins would have made us permanent rejects from the family of God. To all my fellow people – pleasers who avoid rejection at any cost let’s accept that rejection will always be a fact of life. No matter how hard we try people will still reject our best efforts. We live in a fallen world and we need to embrace it as part of God’ s plan to redirect us and refine us. God speaks to us through loudest through our pain. If we see rejection for what it is we will mature, learn and grow.

David a man after God’s heart was rejected throughout his life. The fact that Jesse did not present David to Samuel as one of his sons is a form of rejection. Eliab, David’s oldest brother rejected him when he went to up to kill Goliath. Saul rejected him and made several attempts at David’s life. The Israelites who once chanted that David had killed thousands rejected him after Absalom had won their hearts. Nabal rejected David and his men’s help and refused to compensate David. Shimel called David a bloodthirsty man and a rogue.

I have been rejected countless times. I have known women who were rejected in hospital with their newborn baby. I have known those who were jilted for their best friend. Women with broken engagements and broken hearts. Business partners who have been ousted, leaders who have been voted out. Divorced women whose children have been brainwashed and taken from them. Women who have been let down, disappointed and rejected. Rejection is part of life and it’s okay to be rejected.


Even though rejection is painful it is part of God’s sovereign plan. He is at work in our lives and all things work out together for our good. Years after Joseph had been rejected and abandoned by his brothers he told them their rejection was meant for evil but God turned it to good. If Christ had not been abandoned and rejected we would not be adopted into the family of God.

Rejection is God’s way of redirecting us into His plan. It brings with it self examination, humility and a deeper understanding of God and His ways. It redirects us into God’s perfect will for our lives. It prevents us from mistakes which we may not see at the moment. Gods ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. He knows best. When He allows rejection it means that He has something better for us, so He allows that door to shut so another can open. We just need to be able to work through it. Rejection is difficult to handle but we must deal with it. I will be writing about how to go through rejection next week.

If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, He is calling out to you. He will never reject those who come to Him.

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