Thank you Lord. Thank you everyone. For the D.I.V.A. Workshop

A big thank you to everyone who joined in the DIVA workshop. We love and appreciate you. A lot of us missed our physical retreat this year but hopefully there will be one next year, God willing. We also thank our key note speakers, Pastor Okeowo Oni and Dr. Mettabel Okulaja who were truly inspiring. Thanks to the facilitators of the breakout groups, the planning committee and to all the members of our what’s app group particularly those who joined us in prayers. Thank you to everyone who helped with the publicity. Thanks be to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure.

Out of the mouth of two or more.

We are editing recordings for the two days and will be sending a copy to all who registered together with some other information. There will also be a link for us to watch on YouTube. Our two key note speakers had not spoken in about three years and yet it was like they had the same notes. The Holy Spirit was saying the same thing through both of them : It’s time to do away with religion and get into a deeper personal relationship with Christ. These times deserve nothing less. It’s about settling into the Word of God, digging deep and a closer fellowship with the Holy Spirit. The word was confirmed by these two witnesses and its left for us to actually run with them. This time around we are not going to bury our notes and wait until the next teaching. We will take stock and begin to be and do.

More than an event – What next?

Our lives should be more than attending one Christian program or the other. What happens between events is the real test of our faith. The challenge over the years is to actually live out all the information we receive from the books, podcasts, webinars, workshops, trainings, conferences we attend. I don’t want to hear, ” it was a great conference, workshop, book etc…” I would rather hear, ” I started to practice some of the things I learnt and my walk with the Holy Spirit has improved.” Our passion is for us all to actually live according to His design and His word. How great it would be if some of us could partner and begain to challenge each other in Bible study, prayers and just hold each other accountable. That way, by the next event we would be able to give testimonies. It’s not about putting together a great event but what happens in between. Let’s rise up to the occasion and remove our religious dressings. Let’s dig into the word and actually start to live what we are learning.

Do join our community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via @designerwomen3 and let us know how you have changed after the workshop and ideas as to how we can hold ourselves accountable. We grow together and not in isolation.


Dr Mettabel recommended the which I have downloaded and I think it’s awesome for Bible Study.

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