Daniel 11:32(b) -…but the people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits

The times we live in are placing a high demand on us emotionally and spiritually, but God has already made provision in His word for times and seasons such as these. 

Thursday, October 8th 2020 marked the beginning of the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria erupting in several States including Lagos State, Delta State, Oyo, Anambra State, Rivers State, Osun State and Abuja. 

On Monday, 14th October, a man was shot dead in Surulere and several wounded. In spite of this, the protests continues and our youths are staying strong. Today, October 16th, they have put together 23 points that they want the Federal Government to redress which affect you and I. They will not give in until these demands are met.

Coming on the tails of the COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020 has been a trying year. However, unlike the distress caused by the pandemic and the resultant deaths, these stressful protests are for the progress of the nation. Nigeria will never be the same after #EndSARS. Like Fela Durotoye rightly said, “we are proud of the youths who are doing what our generation should have done”. Even though there are divergent views on the pattern of the protests, we all agree with the principles behind it.

My heart goes out to the youths sleeping and eating on the streets. However underneath the dynamism and energy of the protests, there is a lot tension, strain, stress, anxiety in the air. Our youths seem to be coping well with the stress, as their energy is being harnessed and channeled to keeping up the protest. Our nerves are stretched and our tempers are short as traffic continues to build up. 

The majority of us are fully behind the protests but our emotions are wearing thin under the pressure of its implication on normal movement from one end of the city to another. Added to all these, classes in Lagos schools will be fully reopening this coming week. Bills are mounting up, the price of electricity and fuel have increased. All these external pressure is affecting our mental and emotional health.

In Daniel 11:23(b), we read Daniel prophesying that those who know their God will be strong and do exploits. I believe this is relevant to those of us at the frontline of the protests and those cheering from the sidelines. The pressure is there, so we need a greater pressure within us to maintain our balance. We need strength to stand as protesters and supporters. 

The way to strength is knowing God and relating with Him, but that becomes harder per day. It’s not a mental assent but a deep connection with Him on a daily basis and not a ‘once and for all knowledge’. Knowing God is growing in intimacy and having regular communication with Him. 

Designer Woman! it’s in the place of relationship that we are strongest.

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