“African  sister, soul sister”* here’s to you 

Bukola Ajiboye, celebrating over a deacade in broadcasting, currently with Radio Continental as Head of presentation, Designer’s woman
Wow! It’s two years since I started this blog and what a journey it’s been. Thats why I am dedicating this post to all my African sisters, God’s designer women. I appreciate you and celebrate your lives, especially the unsung  and unspoken ones. Here’s a toast also to Bukky ( above)  whose birthday was on the 9th of January, two days after the anniversary of this blog. (You are doing a great job on the Saturday Morning Show, Bukky). I also salute all the Designer’s Women who work tirelessly to put food on the table and clothes on their children’s backs. Single women, divorced women, women in the rural areas, struggling to keep their heads above water. Here’s a shout from me, that God is on your side. He sees your tears, He hears your struggles and He is not done with you yet. His light shines upon your paths and His love is infinite.

 I am taking out time to appreciate all my sisters who try to make something of their lives in spite of the harsh realities of everyday living in Nigeria. Successive  governments may have failed us with no welfare, indaquate mdical care, no social support, oppressive cultural practices but we are still standing strong. In spite of corruption in high and small places, in spite of tribalism and nepotism we have not caved in.I celebrate you today and applaud your tenacity.

I salute the mother of six children who wakes up at twilight to get to the fruit market by 4.00am and stays there till about 8.00pm. Her stall is a tattered umbrella placed on a rickety table where she is raided by government officals for not having appropriate permits but it’s all she can afford for the sake of her children. Kudos to  the single mother who has to fend for her daughter, as well as juggle her career with fending for her aged parents who have no pension. Let’s not forget the separated or the divorced living on the brink of societal acceptance. You are beautiful, God’s Designer Women.

My husband describes excellence as  doing the best or being the best you can be in your  circumstances. Governments  may have failed her – no electricity, no infrastructure, no medical care, no education, no housing and no support of any kind but God’s  Designer  woman is making the best out of things. This is what having an excellent spirit is all about and I encourage you to keep on keeping on. God is on your side, so never forget throughout the coming year to always approach the Fountain of grace from whom you will always find strength and grace in times of need.

A hairdressing salon in Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria with no elecricry or government water but where I had the most amazing wash and set.
PS: ” African Sister” –  Page 5,  Overcoming Painful Emotions: A Guide, first edition.

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