Hanging on the trunk of this Moringa tree is an exquisite “Femi Handbag” , lovingly designed and created by a childhood friend, Femi Olayebi, founder of My World of Bags, in the city of Ibadan, which by the way used to be the second most populous city in Africa. I chose to off set this beautiful Femi hand bag on the Moringa tree because even though both of them appear delicate they are strong. The Moringa tree is drought – resistant , it doesn’t wilt in harsh conditions implying inner fortitude. Friends who carry Femi handbags, testify that beyond  the external  beauty and intricate finishing is a sturdy and durable bag that bears up to wear and tear. A Femi  handbag is a work of art, a masterpiece just like God’s designer Women but beyond the pretty face can we also stand up to the wear and tear of life’s challenges? 

Proverbs 24:10 says, “if you are weak in a crisis, you are weak indeed” but Designer Women were designed to be strong. Life is tough, rough and challenging and God deposited in us vast reservoirs of strength which can only be tapped into by the help of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we are externally beautiful, but looking good is not our only business. God’s business should be our business and we can never do that in our natural strength. The Proverbs 31 woman dressed in fine purple linen ( verse 22) but she was also strong and respected. ( verses 17 & 25) and carried out many feats.

Reading I Pet 3:7 where Peter referred to wives as weaker vessels, I say, that the weakness referred to here is physical weakness and not moral, spiritual or intellectual ineptitude. A search on the internet will open you up to a lot of debate on this but this is not really where I am going. The  Designer Woman is also an heir to the grace of God. She knows that she has no strength of her own, but that deep down within her spirit is a calibration that wires her to the Holy Spirit and to the manifold grace of God. She realizes that God’s grace is made perfect in every area of weakness and that wherever she is weak, Christ is strong. The Proverbs 31 woman in verse 17, ( NKJV) girds herself with strength, which connotes in the Hebrew that the strength is inputed by God. The Amplified version actually extends this strength to include spiritual, mental and physical strength.

All we have to do is to study the lives of women in the Bible and see how they tapped into the unlimited resources of divine grace beyond their external adornments. I listened in awe as a friend commented on a female world leader’s comportment by saying in admiration, ‘ she’s so strong’ . Properly employed strength is admirable. It connotes  love, integrity, mercy, justice and righteousness, nobility of character, self control which moves  mountains.

I am encouraging all of us God’s Designer Women out there not only to put on our make-up but to put on the strength of the Lord. ( Isaiah 51:9, Isaiah 52:1.) 

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