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I was eagerly looking forward to seeing her. She had read the book, “Overcoming Painful Emotions” and wanted to meet with me. That was over a week ago. I was surprised to see a middle aged woman walk into the room. Her voice had sounded quite girlish over the phone and I was expecting someone considerably younger. Her face was lined with tension and her brow was knotted with anxiety. As she shared her story with me, I could literally feel the bitterness and anger oozing out of her. She spoke for about two hours, pouring out her heart before God.  His promise to us is where two or three of us are gathered in  His name He is there. He was indeed in that room and I believe the Holy Spirit must have comforted her as I saw the lines of tension  slowly ease off.   At least ten years literally dropped off  her face right  there in my presence. It started to shine and there was a glimmer in her eyes that was not there before as she began to enjoy repsite from her raging emotions.
I was able to speak with her, but I know it was not my words but God at work. He was there to soothe her  pain and bring relief to  the heartache. We couldn’t deal with everything at that sitting but there was an epiphany when she realized she had to let it all go.🌈. There is nothing as aging and debilitating  as anger, malice, bitterness, unforgiveness and the like. The Bible says we are not to fret because of evil doers as it only causes harm.  Our souls were not designed to carry the wait of such painful emotions. They take the toll on us and tell on our total well being and physical appearance, aging us faster than anything.

The greatest elixir for youth is a forgiving heart and a  heart filled with the love of God. We were designed for and to love. 💜❤️If you want beauty, youth, radiance, you don’t need expensive creams, lotions  and portions. You don’t need to go under the scalpel of the plastic surgeon, or use Botox. A merry heart does good like medicine. A good night’s sleep free of care and anxieties will smooth away all  lines of tension. We were designed to live in perfect symphony with God and others.  This creates a perfect balance between our spirit, soul and body. In this state our strength and vitality is renewed. Instead of counting the wrinkles let’s count our blessings and release all those who have offended us. The only wrinkles we are allowed are those that come with age not unresolved painful emotions.

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