#Me too?

In response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, millions of people have come out to denounce sexual assault and  harassment all over the world, using the two word hash tag, #metoo. They have publicly come out to identify with this cause, not caring about the possible rejection. For me this is a bit odd as about a month ago, I listened as a news agency celebrated the late founder of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner. He was described as a visionary, and a hero and celebrated as such. It doesn’t matter that the purpose  of his magazine is to objectify female bodies. These same people who were crying hosanna for Hugh Hefner are the ones shouting crucify Harvey Weinstein. It’s a bit of a paradox for me.

I see another paradox in the way we speak about these pressing issues. On Christian Amanpour, CNN, I listened as Jane Fonda publicly took a stand against sexual harassment and actually named names. To me, she didn’t have any personal agenda but to lend her voice to a matter needing urgent concern. Her motive was not to crucify the perpetrators at all cost but to expose the social malaise for what it was. She didn’t focus on the personality but majored on the principle stating that this issue of sexual harassment is an age long problem and did not rise and fall with Harvey Weinstein. Recently, the Nigerian government engineered a whistleblowing  scheme in which  people were promised great financial gain for reporting corruption in order to combat the notoriously corrupt governance system. Even though corruption is another social epidemic, I am not sure the motives for these whistle blowers were all for the higher good but for monetary gain. On one side  hand there’s  speaking out with mature  objectivity while on the other hand we have some speaking out with motives that are purely for personal reward.

We must declare God’s perspective, defend the cause of the fatherless and the widow ( Deut 10:18) and generally be His mouth piece. I believe Designer Women need to find their voices, and speak for the under dog, the less privileged, the orphans , the widows etc…We need to speak against injustice and I am not talking only of holding press conferences or carrying placards. Not all of us are designed for this. In our small areas of influence we can speak out for that which is noble and righteous. #You too can defend that person who is being cheated, harassed or abused in your immediate space. The important thing is not whether we will be  heeded to, but to speak from the right angle which is  God’s perspective. 

We need to  find our voice not because we want to destroy personalities or gain noteirity but because we are women  of light and stand for righteousness and truth.

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