Happy Women’s Day 2019

Yesterday was International Womens Day and all over the world there were celebrations galore. It was quite busy for me as I had to go to our small shelter for female victims of domestic violence to host 3 eleven year olds, who are all set to raise funds to support shelters. It was a gender- balanced emissary, 😊twin girls and a boy in line with this years theme for International women’s day being # gender balance for better. I was amazed at their passion as they asked intelligent questions and made suggestions pointing out areas of needs that we hadn’t even mentioned. They were really concerned about the welfare of the women and children who come to the shelter. What a team! It was no coincidence that they visited on International Women’s day.

The children making notes of our needs.

From there I drove to a venue for a women’s day event only to get there and be told that it had been postponed. Ouch. I finally got home and read a what’s app chat about ” viruses that kill marriages…” and feminism advocacy as the only bold and capital letters embedded in the write up. I immediately got into conversation with the woman who posted it and it was evident that she didn’t even know the meaning of the word feminism. I thought to take her up on it as after all it was International Women’s day and it would be my own little contribution to the day by explaining equality of the sexes to someone who had no idea that it’s the main meaning of feminism. Mind you, I don’t agree with most of the stuff that was put out yesterday like fighting for abortion rights in some countries. I am pro- life and I don’t support abortion.

Gender balance the world is striving for was established by that simple statement in Gen 1:27; male and female He created them. It was God’s original design and Jesus Christ came to restore us back to it. Galatians 3:28, says, there is neither male nor female for we are all one in Christ. The Living Bible, in I Pet 3:7(b) says to husbands that their wives are equal partners in God’s new life. Christ kept on pointing to the fact that it’s our relationship with Him that matters most. If both genders could accept this simple fact and press on in their knowledge of Him, all walls of division would crumble and we would be able to work together as joint heirs of the manifold grace of God, working together for progress.

A bird flies with its two wings in perfect balance. Humanity would find equilibrium and momentum if male and female genders are in sync. Of course there has to be leadership ( by men )in the home and society at large but real leadership, liberates, empowers and enables.

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