It’s just three days to our annual Designer Women’s retreat ( ) and I can’t wait for another time in His presence with other women. I know God is omnipresent but there are so many distractions, so many things competing for our time that I think it’s important that we go on retreats whenever possible. There is so much noise, so many things competing for our attention in everyday life, that we need to come aside for a while to really be with Jesus Christ for seasons of refreshing.

Some may argue that Jesus Christ is with us and in us by His Spirit in this dispensation and we don’t have to go anywhere special. Psalm 139:5, says if we make our bed in hell ( God forbid), He’s there with us, so there’s no escaping His presence. I respond to this by saying, yes the Lord is always with us but we are not always with Him. Our thoughts, distractions, everyday living, the different voices, drag our attention from Him. For example you may share an office with someone all day but never acknowledge them, never connect with them throughout the day, apart from a cursory greeting in the morning. A lot of us are like that with the Lord so whenever we can, let’s make our time for retreats.

Someone describes a Christian retreat as a definite time spent away from one’s normal life for the purpose of reconnecting usually in prayer with God. Another says a retreat is just commons sense. It’s a time to make a decision, to examine the quality of our spiritual lives, or just to re-energize spiritually and emotionally. In Mark 6:31 & 32, Jesus Christ invites His disciples to a deserted place to rest. He personally retreats to spend nights in prayer in Matt 14:23, Luke 6:12 and Luke 9:28.

While on a recent trip, I took a day from all the overwhelming sensory distractions around and went for a one day retreat to rest, re- examine and renew. It was a lovely time and I am still enjoying the ripple effects. Above is the table where I spent most of the day. As I share these photographs with you, I also invite you to join us at this years retreat. We trust God that you will not regret attending .