Time flies. I cannot miss this opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day with you. Motherhood is a high calling. It’s not a bed of roses to be a mother not only of biological children but everyone who God brings your way to nurture and love. . At times it seems you are not making much of a difference and are constantly tired with endless “to do” lists. Some of you just need a good nights sleep especially the nursing mothers. I remember when I was nursing my now adult son, all I wished for was to have a solid night of uninterrupted sleep. There was a night I knelt down to pray for a few minutes and slept off only to wake up with a stiff neck, a couple of hours later.

It’s a full time job that has no specific description and the retirement age is the day we die. With no vacations, it’s a twenty four hour shift. In case you are nursing hopes of retiring with a heavy lump sum remember Bathsheba in 1 Kings 1: 11- 37. Even at her old age, she was called out of temporary retirement by prophet Nathan to intervene to ensure that Solomon was anointed king. John and James mother in Matthew 20: 20 & 21 still lobbied for her sons to seat at the right hand of Jesus Christ. I am not encouraging the lobbying but showing that a mothers portfolio never ends.

You do deserve this day set aside to appreciate you for your lifetime of commitment and sacrifice. It’s a balance of high peaks of joy and lows of guilt (am I doing enough or am I doing it right? ). All these are part of the turf so just take time to thank God for His grace and bask in today. Our Father knows, He sees your labor of love. He will keep you and guide you until the very end. After all He put the children in your care, they are His.

Today as always we appreciate your labour of love. Your smiles, your hugs, your words of comfort, your meals, the way you advice us, the list is endless. Forget what the world tells us, that being a mother is not enough. Let’s not focus on the subliminal message that tries to relegate motherhood to the back burner of womanhood. Yours are the hands that rock the cradle and therefore rule the world. Its an enormous responsibility. It is a high calling and God is able to see you through. He is the major stakeholder and you are a steward in His hands.

Take comfort dear mother. God loves you. Everything will turn out right if you trust Him. Labour to enter into God’s rest. He will enable you to fulfill this ministry of being a mother that you have received from Him. 2 Tim 4:5.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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