International Widows Day, June 23, 2020

As we commemorate International Widows Day 2020 we want to remind you that Jesus Christ sees your tears, He feels your heartache. Just like Him we seek to empathize and connect with you through this post today. Widowhood is traumatic and like all trauma the survivors brain doesn’t differentiate between the emotional pain that ensues from any form of physical pain. It could be just as devastating and crippling. The damage is real, the invisible scars may fade but your loneliness, isolation, grief, financial strain, depression and stigmatization are long lasting. As a matter of fact you face 33% more stigmatization than divorcees and are about 9% of the female population but you are more than a statistic. You have a special place in God’s heart.

You grieve the loss of your husband while you have to work extra hours and be the sole parent to your children. The loneliness is mind numbing and leads to depression and even to mental illness. It makes you feel empty, alone and unwanted. Yet you are so courageous – keeping on when you cannot face another day. We appreciate your moments of weakness when you breakdown under the burden of your responsibilities . We understand the days when you tell Jesus you know how much He loves you but you could use a hug, the physical touch of a male companion. What about all the decisions you have to take and the fear and anxiety from financial constraints? It’s God’s Grace that has kept you and He will continue to support you.

Jesus Christ sees your pain. He was a man of many sorrows too as He faced abandonment, rejection and loneliness. Through His suffering He still went out of His way to minister to you. He defended you in Mark 12:40, He praised you in Mark 12:43 and He performed a miracle for you in Luke 7:12-13. He showed through His life and ministry that He holds you in high regard and we all should follow his example.

Please look to Him to heal the painful emotions that you go through. Don’t let them linger and fester into depression and mental health issues. Pray that He will guide you into godly relationships that will encourage and strengthen you. He is the friend that sticks closer then a brother and He will introduce you to those who will not abuse you. If you will allow Him , the Holy Spirit, the Comforter can and will heal your anger and fear. You may need human hands to hold your hands and walk through this but you are not alone. There are many Christain Counsellors and therapists out there who can assist. You can also get in touch with us and we can help you sort out some of the negative emotional baggage, partnering with Christ.

Finally, we celebrate all the non – governmental organizations and institutions who work tirelessly to improve your welfare. One of such is the Almanah ( Hebrew word for widow) Hope Foundation who are hosting a webinar dedicated to widows tomorrow, on your day. Please visit their website, for more information and support them in anyway you can.

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