Wholeness: God’s Design

I Thess 5:23 – Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you through and through, i.e. separate you from profane and vulgar things, make you pure and whole and undamaged – consecrated to Him – set apart for His purpose ; and may your spirit and soul and body be kept complete and (be found) blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. (AMP)

The Designer Women initiative is fashioned to bring wholeness and expression to women through our relationship with Christ. I would like to explain what this means to us.

In a world fragmented by loneliness, pain, war and disease, we need wholeness now more than ever. Wholeness is a popular word but from a Biblical standpoint, represents that sense of unity & harmony which comes from being completely centered on Christ. It is a sense of total balance when our spirit, soul and body are in total sync with Jesus Christ and others.

I would even say that wholeness is the same thing as inner peace which translates to peace with others. The Greek word for peace is “Irene” meaning to join or bind together that which has been broken ( by sin) divided or separated. It is the God of peace Himself who can give us His peace.

As humans, we fondly use the words “having it all together” or “getting our act together” when everything is in place. This can also be used to describe a state of peace. In Hebrew, shalom which is the word for peace could also mean wholly well and good health which is the ultimate state.

According to the Collins online dictionary wholeness is that quality of being complete i.e. a single unit not being broken into several units or divided into different parts. It connotes a harmonious state. The Oxford dictionary describes it as a state of being unbroken and undamaged.

This state of Wholeness is how God designed us to function but we lost all this at the Fall. The harmonious relationship with God was shattered and this affected how we saw ourselves and related with each other.

Instead of His peace, there came anger, fear, shame, jealousy. We became fragmented by all these emotions as they all drew energy and took us down different paths, all away from God.

As we were not originally designed for this, our bodies began to bear the brunt of these painful and negative emotions. The original design therefore had to be rebranded. It had to be wired into our design from inside out. Jesus Christ came to restore our wholeness. He came to redesign us.

2 Cor 5:17 & 18 says, if anyone is in Christ He is a new creature i.e. the old has gone and the new is here. We have therefore been reconciled to God in Christ Jesus. The shattered image has been restored and we are reconnected to God. Our spirits are made alive in Christ and we now have the potential to overcome all those things that divide our spirit, soul and mind. We now have the capacity for wholeness – spirit, soul and body.

Although our spirit is healed instantaneously by salvation, the healing of our soul usually stems from a process of growth (I Thes 5:23). This is a case of constantly renewing our minds through the Word of God ( Romans 12:2). This enables us to get rid of all the negative emotions that divide our souls and bring sickness and disease to our bodies.

A typical example is trying to focus on an assignment at work while fuming in anger at a colleagues betrayal: Our pulse accelerates as adrenaline pumps through the body. The stomach acidity increases creating flatulence. The mind will not and cannot focus on the assignment at hand. Now imagine this scenario over a long period of time.

The year 2020 has been rough and tough on all. Things have happened enough to shatter our wholeness. A friend informed me that suicide assistance charities in the UK, had an 85% spike in calls over the space of two days in the present lockdown. We can only imagine what every one else has gone through this year in other parts of the world.

Now is the time to embrace Jesus Christ. Only He can give Wholeness without limitations or conditions. Let Him make you Whole from the inside out.

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