Wholeness: God’s Design for You

Dear friend I pray that you are doing well in every way and that you are healthy just as your soul is healthy. 3 John 2. ISV

I chose to avoid the common translations of 3 John 2 due to the use of the word prosperity which often connotes success in business. I feel that if looked at in that way it removes the real sense of the prayer. It’s a prayer for wholeness in body and soul which is God’s design for us. It was an overflow from John’s love for Gaius and joy having heard the good report that Gaius was walking in the truth. In 3 John 3, John says he had no greater joy than to hear his children walk in truth so it can be assumed that Gaius was saved or born again. John now prays for wholeness that Gaius had a healthy body and a healthy mind.

A lot of us ( me for emphasis) have carried excess baggage of wrong thinking patterns and wrong physical habits and no matter how saved we are, we are still fragmented by this load which pulls us in different directions.

We have to deliberately and prayerfully ask for our whole lives to be brought into line with God’s word. John must have understood the relationship between the body and the soul, so he prayed this all encompassing prayer for wholeness.

As a therapist and Counsellor I have learnt that it is easier to talk about physical pain than mental pain. It’s easy to ignore our emotions and the impact they have on our bodies. It’s more convenient to lean in favour of one than the other. However, our brains don’t know the difference between physical and emotional wounds.

Why do we put on weight or loose weight when we are depressed. Why do we become physically ill when we are emotionally stressed? When our blood pressure rises and we don’t sleep why is it sometimes attributable to some underlying unresolved matter of the soul? Bitterness, anger, jealousy which are rooted in our minds take their toll on our bodies.

All we need do is take a look at the Bible from the gospels through to the epistles to understand what God says about these emotions that pollute our minds and affect our bodies. As a result we live fragmented lives as the life and energy in us is mortgaged to power these negative emotions. Torn apart by unresolved issues we wander through life and wonder why we are always to tired and listless.

My dear Designer Women invite Jesus Christ into your life if you haven’t, your spirit man will be made alive in Him. Why don’t you also pray 3 John 2 into your life and the lives of your loved ones today?

Let’s not be anxious but commit everything to God and the peace of God that passes understanding will keep and guard our hearts and minds through Jesus Christ. (Phil 4:7)

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  • VERA

    Thank you for this timely and needed message.
    I have been blessed as a result of reading through this article !
    God bless our sister, Sarah Ogungbefun for bringing this to the limelight on a platform that I belong to.
    More grace as many lives are impacted and imparted by The Master Designer Himself, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, through the ministry of this yielded vessel !
    More grace for greater impacts in Jesus name. Amen.


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