Happy New Days.



In the quietness of the beautiful Salisbury Cathedral I believe God spoke to my heart. Towards the end of last year  I had been nursing thoughts of several projects I wanted to embark on in 2016. The primary one was to start a small shelter for battered and abused women. All the ideas kept whirling in my head and on Boxing Day I walked down to the courtyard of this beautiful sanctuary to seek some solace and figure out how all these diffeernt strings of ideas would make a cohesive whole.

I felt the soft whispering   of the Holy Spirit, an inner witness, an impression, call it what you may but I knew it was God speaking to my heart. “Don’t worry about the big picture. Live out each moment day by day, maximizing each opportunity for growth in all areas : relationships, family, vocation, ministry. It’s not your part to create the Grand design just take each day at a time. I am in control of the Universe and not you.”

 Someone once wrote that our lives are made up of different threads being woven into a beautiful tapestry. The  weaver has the grand design and the full picture. An event that doesn’t seem to make sense occurs and takes us along an unexpected path. A new relationship, closed doors, open doors  are some of the diffeernt threads. God is tying up the loose ends, cutting the excess pieces, knotting the loops and following His design not ours. He is God, the Master Craftsman.



Our part is to take one bite size : one glorious day at a time. I believe it’s each day that counts. Psalm 90: 12 asks that we be taught to number our days and not years. Christ said sufficient to the day is the evil thereof. He also said not to worry  about tomorrow. He didn’t say not to worry about next year.

It’s each day, lived one at a time to the glory of God that cumulates to make up God’s big picture. Maximize it, and enjoy it. Take time each day to thank God, to review and re – assess, to ponder and pray. It’s good to make the resolutions, the projections and long range plans but it’s each day, lived wisely that pans out to a great year.

Therefore instead of wishing you happy new year, I wish you happy new 1st of January  and happy new days to come. đŸ˜€



                                                       I pray that you take time to reflect and look back

                                                            Give yourself reason to remember and smile when you see 

                                                                 The dots connect and reveal an amazing pattern

                                                                     Of God’s love and ultimate blessing on your life

                                                                           May you perceive it and walk quietly in this knowledge today.

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