Help. What do I do with my untapped potential?

I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly. John 10:10 (b)

Not all of us will release songs like my dear sister, Dr. Mettabel Okulaja, not all of us will be an actor in a Nollywood film win the next Nobel Peace Prize, crack the latest scientific code or put an end to the Covid 19 pandemic. On the other hand each and everyone of us is filled with so much potential. We have been wired with natural talents and have been gifted with the Holy Spirit who in turn has given us gifts for the Body.

We are designed with different temperaments, intelligences, strengths and weakness. In Christ we have the added advantage of not just our natural talents but the gifts of the Holy Spirit. On top of all this God has placed us all in diverse areas of influence ranging from our immediate families, to our street, neighborhood communities etc…Everyone we meet physically or virtually is a possible receiver of the different graces God has wired us with.

From the cradle to the board office, from the kitchen to the pulpit, from the crèche to the lecture theater each of us Designer Women has the potential to make a difference and this is the abundant life. It’s a life which we don’t live for ourselves alone but pour out into others. Jesus Christ in John 10:10 says He has come that we may live life fully, maximizing all that lies buried within us. That abundant life to me is not just one of surviving and paying your bills. It’s a life of expression, of giving without limit all that He has put in us. There is nothing as liberating and fulfilling as maximizing our potential for the glory of God.

That’s why in a few hours from now we’ll be having a conversation with Dr. Mettabel Okulaja, a woman I know is living it all out, the abundant life. As a medical doctor with a thriving private practice, she writes, sings, teaches, mentors, raises money for good causes to name a few. She is an example of God’s Designer woman, digging into God and bringing out the abundance of treasures He has put in her heart. I invite you to join us at 4.30pm today on the Designer Women Radio program, for inspiration on what to do with your untapped potential. It promises to be a great time.

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