How do I make choices?

…I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing,therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live. Deut 30:19 ( b).

He was tall and handsome. Impeccably dressed, smelt good, did all the romantic stuff, listened to her, bought her gifts. He promised to love her till the very end. He attended church, prayed, listened to messages and walked the so- called Christian walk. He was irresistible, Mr. Right on a platter of gold. Six months later they were married without the happily ever after.

It turned out he was not a Christian and was actually in the occult. He was physically violent and abused her emotionally. He was in debt and took all her money. She had married an illusion. It was a dead end marriage. She had made her choice.

She was a Moabite. Her husband died after only ten years of marriage. She never met her father in law, because he had died before she and her husband got married. Her mother in law whom they had been living with was going back to Israel.

She has at least two options to choose from. She could stay in Moab and perhaps she would be lucky to marry someone else and start a family. After all it seemed that bad luck was following this Jewish woman. In Nigeria the woman would have been called a witch who killed her husband and sons. She chose the improbable way and today she is celebrated every year in the Jewish Calendar, 50 days after Passover. Ruth is in the lineage of Jesus Christ all because of a choice she made.

Our choices make us break us. Do we make choices based on emotions, intellect, impulsively, on past experience, on the advice of people or based on facts? A lot also depends on our temperaments.

There’s a principle laid down in Deut 30:19 that at the baseline there are two major options, life and death. They may have several nuances but at the end of the day it’s between these two. Jesus Christ says in John 14:6, I am the way the truth and the life. When we choose Him we choose life. Choosing Him means choosing the Word, it means making choices that honor Him. He is light so choosing Him means we will always have His direction.

Lastly, does it mean that if we have made wrong choices we should live in bitter regret. Certainly not. We can choose life this very minute. We can choose Christ. When we choose Him we know that all things even our wrong choices will work together for our good.

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