To God be the glory, we had a wonderful time at our Premier Designer Women workshop. There were rave reviews but more importantly  we believe that we were implementing God's design.  Our foundation scripture was Psalm 139:14; "I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and that my souls knows very well". The entire Psalm in itself


  Providence brought Lorraine Foute and I together in November 2015 while the Celebrate Recovery leadership team from church and I were in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria running a Celebrate Recovery  training at her husband's invitation.There are no chance meetings with God. No coincidences. This was one of the appointments God had entered


    EQUAL BUT DIFFERENT “Who am I?” I, woman am  created equal with men but in marriage I have a different role from my husband which is submission. I made this statement at a woman’s retreat earlier this year and I was amazed at some of the responses it aroused. One


On International Women's day   I happened to tune into WFM 97.1 (Nigeria's first radio station for women and their families). The station was  agog with celebrations and was preparing to host the Governor of Ogun State. On his arrival, the governor observed that Ogun State had produced the first female accountant in Nigeria, the

Another Valentines Day

   Romance or love and commitment? Last week was Valentine's Day : a culmination of shop windows swathed with red curtains, ribbons  and  promos of candle lit dinners for two. A few  emails advertising chocolates and perfumes escaped the spam box and actually landed in my mail box. All with the promise


   LOOKING AT OUR REFLECTIONS According to the Daily Mail, a recent survey showed that on the average women check their reflections at least eight times a day and use a variety of surfaces to do so, one of them being mirrors. Even Snow White's  wicked step mother looks into her mirror, asking,

Happy New Days.

     A HAPPY NEW YEAR oops DAY. In the quietness of the beautiful Salisbury Cathedral I believe God spoke to my heart. Towards the end of last year  I had been nursing thoughts of several projects I wanted to embark on in 2016. The primary one was to start a small shelter


A HOLE IN THE HEART In spite of my middle age spread, thickening waist, cellulite and all that comes with the turf, I cannot resist a gooey, sticky jam doughnut with a cup of tea. I look forward to biting into that hole in the middle filled with delectable jam that oozes


At the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey, a shop owner gave me a short lesson on different grades of items. With tongue in cheek, he explained that there are original – originals, fakes and original fakes. Original-originals are the authentic items, fakes are cheap imitations and original fakes are expensive fakes. We are original originals,

Anchoring on God’s Love

GOD'S LOVE? WHO NEEDS IT? We all have our difficulties, I know. Many of us feel a 'spiritual and emotional high' when we are in church or some Christian gathering which soon dissipates when the reality of our everyday lives sets in. In this year, 2015 and beyond, I  want us to always