Grace’s Place, a shelter for victims of Domestic Violence was established in January 2015 and is registered with the Lagos State, Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team and the Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Ministry.  In the Shelter we offer counseling services, medical and therapeutic assistance to survivors of domestic violence and help them to start over should they decide to separate from their perpetuators. Grace’s Place is a safe haven where we help our survivors to heal, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Our motto is one woman at a time which is just a drop in the bucket of millions of Nigeria women who are daily being battered. According to data contained in National Demographic and Health Surveys twenty eight percent of Nigerian women have experienced domestic violence at one time or the other.  This is a significant number in a country of over 195 million, where almost half are women. These statistics have since hit the roof, becoming a pandemic within a pandemic. Our aim at Grace’s Place is to provide a space where survivors of domestic violence can recoup, restore and repair their spirit, soul and body.

Our motto is one woman at a time

At times our survivors need help with paying for and furnishing new accommodation, paying their tuition fees, starting up new businesses and paying for vocational training. . We also assist with paying children’s school fees, antenatal and medical care. We have had residents come in from all over Nigeria and there are numerous success stories through God’s help. We are in partnership with other NGO’s in Nigeria such as PBO Foundation, Protect Alert and Herfessions.

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