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The Designer Women ™ took off in 2016, with its first workshop on the 22nd of August 2017.

It was born out of a deep desire to equip women between the ages of twenty and forty with the spiritual, mental and emotional resources necessary to maximise their potential in these challenging times. 

Without mental and emotional fortitude, a woman’s capacity to flourish is minimal, even with sufficient financial and educational stimuli. When a woman is depressed or suffering from low self-esteem, or even traumatised, output will be severely limited.

“NOIPolls revealed that the five major challenges for the Nigerian Woman are – lack of financial empowerment, poverty, lack of access to quality education, gender inequality and domestic violence. Further analysis of the solution by NOIPolls shows the top three recommendations include establishing vocational training programmes, providing soft loans by the government to start up businesses and providing more employment opportunities for women by the government.”

The same report stated that “government, international organisations”, and NGOs should synergise and create policies and various socio-economic empowerment programmes for women in Nigeria to remedy some of the challenges.

We believe the abovementioned organisations have made many strides, and even more will be made. However, unless a woman is healed spiritually, emotionally and mentally, her capacity is limited. A woman cannot fully take advantage of empowerment opportunities without the spiritual, mental and emotional capacity to do so. In 2017, WHO estimated that 20% to 30% of women suffer from mental illness, and there are less than 300 psychiatrists in the country. This means that less than 10% of Nigerian women have access to a psychiatrist, so many more women will continue to endure mental illness.

We believe in the power of Jesus Christ to heal and deliver from negative emotions, to correct wrong thinking patterns, and prevent the increase of mental illness. We believe that Jesus Christ loves women, and He alone brings total wellness and wholeness. That is why we designed the Designer Women ™ Workbooks translated into Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo languages.

The Designer Women™ initiative is based on Psalm 139: 14, which affirms that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. God is the ultimate Designer who made us after His likeness and in His image for good works. Circumstances of life, such as trauma, abuse, and domestic violence, have marred this image, giving rise to negative emotions which affect every part of design. Our workbooks are written to help women understand this and work in and out of Christ’s love. Though we emphasise spiritual and emotional well-being, we are also physical and mental beings. The Designer Women Workbooks help women unpack all these realities and equip them to maximise their God-given potential.

According to Psalm 139:14, we are Designer products created by the ultimate Designer, our Creator. We bear His name. We are His brand. We are unique, special, costly, complex and above all loved. We were specially crafted for a particular purpose, but many times the design has been damaged by abuse, trauma, and insecurity giving rise to painful emotions that cripple us. Our workbooks are designed to help unpack all the negativity and restore the Design so we can effectively work out our God-given purpose.

Besides workbooks, we provide Christian faith-based counselling through our certified counsellor. You may be struggling with anger, guilt, shame, depression, fear and anxiety.

Our Designer Women ™ workbooks are designed for group and individual study, so please order your copies for your women’s Bible study groups, retreats, workshops and conferences.

Besides workbooks, we provide Christian faith-based counselling through our certified counsellor. You may be struggling with anger, guilt, shame, depression, fear and anxiety. We also offer free counselling, so please book a session by completing our Counselling Form 

Please contact us if you cannot cope with present problems or need clarification about issues to which you want to put a Scriptural framework.

For women aged 18 years and above needing counselling or therapy, please contact +234 9080777714 via call or WhatsApp.

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